Who's Who

Watch OUT

JULY 2017

25th and 28th open at 2PM

26th 27th CLOSED


Where Many Dream Alike, Reality Starts To Happen.

Who's Who...


Situated on the slope of Bali's Great Gunung Batur lies a dreamy township named Ubud. Ubud is part of Bali and Bali is part of Indonesia, the greatest Archipelago known to Mankind.

Here, on a quiet Piece of Land, we created a Café, a Hideout for Universal Trippers, a Laboratory where the Boundaries of Flavor and Atmosphere are on a constant Quest towards Harmony and Elevation.


Consider yourself Mighty Invited !


Look for us and step Into the World of

Who's Who..


Yours Truly,

zombo.. (He who rides a horse and lives at the end of the Alphabet)